Worship from the HeartWORSHIP FROM THE HEART

The following is an excerpt from Paul’s journal…

PAUL: “I love you Lord, and I lift my voice. To worship You, oh my soul, rejoice. Take joy, my King, in what You hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet, sound in Your ear.” I know it must be a sweet sound in Your ear, when Your people worship You.

JESUS: You’re right, it is. It’s what keeps Me going. Like you, I have feelings and emotions. There are times when my patience is severely tested, but then the worship of my people fills the air and calmness floods My soul. I know this is a surprise to you.

“Does God really have feelings; does God have a soul?” you wonder. You bet! If I didn’t have one – neither would you.

I have feelings just like you. My heart breaks, when I see the hatred and sin that spews from the hearts of men. Satan has done a good job perverting the people of the earth – but know this – his time is short.

Your worship releases My grace. Your worship enables Me to create a new batch of mercy every morning. Your worship plays a vital role in the salvation of the souls of men. Your worship enables Me to hold back wrath and judgment. Your worship reminds Me of the covenant I made with man (as the rainbow reminds you) to never flood the earth again. So please never think that Your worship is not important. It’s the preserving influence of the entire earth. Your worship is powerful.

While we are talking about worship, let Me share something with you. Worship is not just about singing songs. True worship is what flows from your heart. It’s not about a particular type or style of worship. The kind of songs you sing has more to do with you than it does Me. For some, contemporary songs inspire worship, for others, the hymnal is the book of choice. Again, it’s not the particular song or type of songs that are important; it is the flow of the heart. Songs, no matter how beautiful they may sound, if they don’t come from the heart, they will never pierce the veil of heaven. They may entertain and encourage you. They may even lift up your soul, but they won’t penetrate the darkness and release My grace.

Worship that flows from the heart is incredibly powerful. Here’s a key to keep in mind: When you worship Me, worship as though you are standing in My presence. Remember, worship is part of a dress rehearsal for graduation day.


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