Father, as this fast draws to as end, we keep hearing that You are going to accelerate Your work in the earth. So, we say, “MORE, LORD! We also want more of these wonderful times with You! Truly, it has been glorious in many ways.”

Here is what has happened in our fast:

We have come apart to enjoy Him, chosen Him over the things of this world – and He has not disappointed us!
We have met the enemy head-on and have seen his works exposed. We have wrestled – and won!
We have seen awesome answers to prayer – immediate and powerful answers!
Many have been changed, those participating and those whose lives God has touched through our prayers.
This has been so amazing, that we come away wondering why we don’t pray and fast corporately more often! Actually, according to what Paul wrote in his journal yesterday, this may be what the Lord wants us to do… He wants us to come to Him and ask! Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s conversation…

JESUS: Do you remember what I told the church in Laodicea, in Revelation 3:20? “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him and he with Me.” I want to come into every area, every part of your life. I want to be involved in every dream you dream, in every desire I have placed in your heart… but you have to ask. You have to invite Me into your world. You have to want Me more than you want silver and gold. (Proverbs 2:1-5)


Throughout the fast, we have been crying out for the Lord to come – and He is responding! So, we’d like to conclude this series of devotionals with this vision, given just last night…

“I saw angels with swords put them through a covering over the sky to draw it back. There were four of them, and together, they retracted the heavens. I saw then that it was a portal opening – but it also looked like the retractor used to hold the chest open during heart surgery. So, I wasn’t sure what the Lord was saying or what would come next…

“As I watched however, I was amazed! I saw the Lord, the King of Heaven ride through the hole on a white horse! He was majestic – glorious, awesome – dressed in white with a gold crown.

“It was like He was riding over the crest of a hill into a valley, as he rode out if the heavens to the earth. When I saw this, I had to fall prostrate before Him.

“Even though I was in the vision and my face was to the ground, I also became aware of what was happening around me and what He was doing. it was like I was in the scene, experiencing it – and – I could also see the whole thing from an observer’s point of view. It was like I was in two places at once.

“So, here is what I observed…

“Jesus was riding back and forth, like a general inspecting the troops. I wasn’t the only one lying prostate. In fact, everyone was! It was as if that was the formation we were to be in – not standing at attention – but lying prostrate at attention.

“As He reviewed the troops, He selected various ones. When He chose them, He extended His hand to help them up on the seat behind Him. As He pulled them up, they each sat behind Him.

“In the natural, this couldn’t happen; He couldn’t fit that many on His horse. However, in the vision, as He pulled them up, they turned transparent – like a see-through version of themselves – and others could be added.

“At some point, He picked me, too, and others – and we rode off behind Him on His horse.

“Even though there were many, I felt like I was the one right behind Him, holding Him tightly. It was a wonderful, warm and cozy feeling. I could hear His heart beat. I felt like I was in a cocoon, because His cape covered me (and the others).

“Intuitively, I knew that every “transparent person” felt the same – like they were the one holding tightly to his back!

“And so, away we rode…

“Though it felt intimate, I knew that we were riding with Him into battle, to accomplish something for the kingdom. And that’s where the vision ended!

“I didn’t see where we were going or what we would do – but it didn’t really matter. I was with Him.

“Afterward, this song came to mind…”



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